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app overview

Our App does the networking for you. Instinctively

With today's technology forgetting people is no longer an excuse.
Stop losing social connections by forgetting to contact them.
Let us help you with that.

Favorite ContactsKeep your closest friends on the top

Import your phone’s contacts and add your closest friends to your favorites.

Get stuff doneProcrastination isn't your goal

Schedule events and meetings with the people that matter. You’ll never forget your moms birthday again!

No need to hurryLast minute shopping can be stressful

Be organized and plan everything in advance. Buying a last minute anniversary present at a gas station stinks and there’s no reason to do that anymore!

Keep your Data secureImportant data should be protected

Some people aren’t on social networks because of privacy concerns. Our App isn’t a social network. And it’s fully encrypted!

FocusLife can be distracting

Today’s world is intense. After work, your personal chores and the people around you there’s often not much room to remember distant contacts. Let’s change that!

Networking made easyKeeping your contacts close is important

Is social networking your job? Did you ever lose a deal because you forgot to call? We can help you with that. Keep your contacts close and start closing deals.

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Know what it does. Just in case.

Our App helps busy people staying in contact with their friends and family by creating push notifications and reminders to keep in touch.
Did your cousin ever complain that you didn't call her for ages?
Have you ever missed scheduling an important event with your best friend?
We strive to make your life easier. Forgetting friends means losing friends. Don't be that guy!

  • communication reminders
  • favorite list
  • contact import
  • event management
  • encrypted data storage
  • encrypted iCloud backup
  • lightweight
  • 100% swiss made

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